Kyung Seob Song (a.k.a SK)

Kyung Seob Song (a.k.a SK)

ResearcherID: D-8899-2015

E-mail : aeion [at]

Hometown : Republic of Korea

Joined Group: 2014


2013 - B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, Chungnam National University

Message: I was born in Pyeong teak. I graduated from Chungnam National University with a B.S. degree in chemical engineering, 2013. During my undergraduate study, my supervision of Taek Sung Hwang, Ph. D. gave me a valuable opportunity to participate in a project that is a synthesis of polymers which can capture special atoms in the sea; Lithium, Indium which are essential rare metals for an electronic industry. It was very interesting experience for me.

 In 2012, when I prepared a competition of searching patents of new materials, various methods of making materials of energy storage or conversion strongly inspired me. So, I decided to enter KAIST EEWS graduate school, and have joined MONA lab to learn to conduct a research on materials for gas(CO2,H2) storage or conversion with functional molecules.

I strongly believe that my work or knowledge in KAIST EEWS is for human, and I want to be a social scientist who can communicate with general people and can suggest solution that makes the human’s life better with his/her science knowledge and technology. So, I’m sure that MONA lab’s life is helpful to achieve my dream and makes me happy. Moreover, I always thanks Prof. Ali coskun and all the members of MONA lab for giving me a chance to study and research here. If you have an interest in research of functional materials, come and join us. It makes you happy.