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[Datasets]: We deposit data sets for each article to an open access data repository ZENODO.

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[Open Access][Datasets]

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[Listed among the most read articles, April 2024]
[Green Access][Datasets]

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[Book Chapter]

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[Open Access]

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[Open Access][Datasets]


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[Highlighted as a HOT Paper] 
[Open Access][Datasets]

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[Preview Article]

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[Listed among the most read articles, July 2023]

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[Open Access][Datasets]

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[Open Access][Datasets]

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[Open Access][Datasets]

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[Green Access] [Datasets]

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[Open Access]

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[News&views article]
[Green Access]

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[Open Access[Datasets]

Fig. 1

[119]    Park, E.; Park, J.; Lee, K.; Zhao, Y.; Zhou, T.; Park, G.; Jeong, M.-G.; Choi, M.; Yoo, D.-J.; Jung, H.-G.; Coskun, A.*; Choi, J. W.* "Exploiting the Steric Effect and Low Dielectric Constant of 1,2-Dimethoxypropane for 4.3 V Lithium Metal Batteries," ACS Energy Lett., 2023, 8, 179−188. pdf
[ACS Editor`s Choice]

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[Open Access] [Datasets]

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[Open Access]

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[Open Access]

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[Listed among the most read articles]

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[Open Access][Preview Article]

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[Highlighted as a Preview in Chem]
[110]   Zhao, Y.; Zhou, T.; Ashirov, T.; El Kazzi, M.; Cancellieri, C.; Jeurgens, L.P.H.; Choi, J.W.*; Coskun, A.* "Fluorinated Ether Electrolyte with Controlled Solvation Structure for High Voltage Lithium Metal Batteries," Nat. Commun., 2022, 13, 2575. pdf
[Highlighted as a News&Views at Nature Reviews Chemistry]
[Open Access] [Datasets]

[109]  Zhou, T.; Zhao, Y.; El Kazzi, M.; Choi, J.W.*; Coskun, A.* "Integrated Ring-Chain Design of a New Fluorinated Ether Solvent for High-Voltage Lithium-Metal Batteries," Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.2022, 61, e202115884. pdf
[Open Access] [Datasets]

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[Open Access] [Datasets]

[106] Ashirov, T.; Yazaydin, A. O; Coskun, A.* "Tuning the Transport Properties of Gases in Porous Graphene Membranes with Controlled Pore Size and Thickness," Adv. Mater., 2022, 34, 2106785. pdf
[Open Access] [Datasets]


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[Open Access] [Datasets]

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González-Moya, J. R.; Byun, Y.; Thesing, A.; Dares, C.; Coskun, A.; Machado, G. "One-step Anodization-electrophoretic Deposition of Titanium Nanotubes-
Graphene Nanoribbon Framework for Water Oxidation," J. Electroanal. Chem., 2021902,115802. pdf

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[Open Access] [Datasets]

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[Open Access]

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[100] Ashirov, T.; Coskun, A* "Ultrahigh Permeance Metal Coated Porous Graphene Membranes with Tunable Gas Selectivities," Chem, 20217, 2385–2394. pdf
[Highlighted as a front cover]
[Open Access] [Datasets]

[99]   Zhou, T.; Zhao, Y.; El Kazzi, Mario; Choi, J. W.*; Coskun, A* "Stable Solid Electrolyte Interphase Formation Induced by Monoquat-Based Anchoring in Lithium Metal Batteries," ACS Energy Lett.2021, 6, 1711–1718. pdf
[Highlighted as an Energy Spotlight] [Listed among the most read articles]
[Open Access] [Datasets]

[98]   Huang, H.-H; Song, K. S.; Prescimone, A.; Aster, A.; Cohen, G.; Mannancherry, R.; Vauthey, E.; Coskun, A.*;  Šolomek, T.* "Porous Shape-persistent Rylene Imine Cages with Tunable Optoelectronic Properties and Delayed Fluorescence," Chem. Sci., 202112, 5275-5285. pdf
[Open Access] [Datasets]

[97]    Fritz, P. W.; Coskun, A.* "The Prospect of Dimensionality in Porous Semiconductors," Chem. Eur. J., 2021, 27, 7489-7501. pdf
[Selected by the Editors as an Outstanding Review-type article]


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[Open Access]

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[Selected as a Very Important Paper, VIP] [Highlighted in ChemistryViews]
[Open Access] [Datasets]

[93]  Fritz, P. W.; 
Coskun, A.* "COFs Meet Graphene Nanoribbons," CHEM, 20206, 1046-1048. pdf [Preview article]

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[Green Access] [Datasets]

[91]  Kaiser, S. K.; Song, K. S.; Mitchell, S.; Coskun, A.*
Pérez-Ramírez, J.* "Nitrogen-Doped Carbons with Hierarchical Porosity via Chemical Blowing Towards Long-Lived Metal-Free Catalysts for Acetylene Hydrochlorination," ChemCatChem 2020, 12, 1922–1925. pdf
[Green Access] [Datasets]

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[Young Investigators Forum] [ACS Editors' Choice
[Open Access] [Datasets]


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( Equal Contribution)

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( Equal Contribution)

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( Equal Contribution)

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[Green Access]

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[Green Access]


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[Green Access] [Datasets]

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[Selected as a HOT paper] [Highlighted in Chemistry Views]

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(† Equal Contribution)

  • See excellent perspective article in Science by Jaegeon Ryu, Soojin Park at UNIST, Korea.
  • See the commentary in Science by Marc Lavine "A stretchy binder protects the silicon,"
  • See our highlight in Nature Reviews Materials by Alison Stoddart, "Lithium-ion batteries: Stress relief for silicon,"
  • See our highlight in Nature"Molecular pulleys ease the strain for lithium-ion batteries,"
  • See our highlight in Nature, News and Views by Matthew T. McDowell, "Materials science: Pulley protection in batteries,"
  • See our highlight in the C&EN News July 24, 2017 issue as "Polymer ‘pulleys’ could boost Li-ion battery performance," 
  • Selected among the most notable chemistry research advances in 2017 by C&EN News December 18, 2017 
Also see below links for other highlights;

[The Verge] [NOVANext, PBS] [PhysOrg] [EurekAlert] [AzoCleanTech] [MaterialsToday]

[74]   Lee, K.; Kim, S.; Park, J.; Park, S. H.; Coskun, A.; Jung, D. S.; Cho, W.*; Choi, J. W.* "Selection of Binder and Solvent for Solution-Processed All-Solid-State Battery," J. Electrochem. Soc., 2017, 164, A2075-A2081. pdf

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[Invited paper, special issue on Porous Polymers]

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[Invited paper, Themed issue on Metal-Organic Framework Catalysis]

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[Selected as a Very Important Paper, VIP]
(† Equal Contribution)

[58]    Kim, D.; Coskun, A.* "Graphene Oxide Templated Preferential Growth of Continuous MOF Thin Films," CrystEngComm, 201618, 4013–4017. pdf 
[Invited paper, themed issue on New Talent] [Selected as a Hot Article] [Highlighted as a Front Cover]

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(† Equal Contribution)

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[Highlighted in SYNFACTS (Synfacts, 2015, 11, 1274) as "One Stone Two Birds with a NHC Sponge"]

[54]  Buyukcakir, O; Je, S. H.; Park, J.; Patel, H. A.; Jung, Y.; Yavuz, C. T.*; Coskun, ASystematic Investigation of the Effect of Polymerization Routes on the Gas Sorption Properties of Nanoporous Azobenzene Polymers,” Chem. Eur. J.2015, 21, 1532015327.pdf
(† Equal Contribution)
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(† Equal Contribution)

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[Early Career Series - Invited Paper]

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