Yearin Byun

Yearin Byun


E-mail: ybyun [at]  

   M.Sc. Student

   Hometown: Republic of Korea

   Joined group: 2013


2012 - B.Sc. in Chemistry, University of Maryland, College Park 

Message: I originally hail from was born in Changwon, Korea in 1989. When not in lab, I enjoy visiting and learning about historically significant places. I graduated with chemistry degree from University of Maryland-College Park.  As an undergraduate, I researched at organometallic chemistry lab under the supervision of Dr. Andrei Vedernikov. During my undergraduate years, I realized that energy is one of the examples of ΔS. If not handled carefully, it can be easily wasted. To develop a system for the maximum usage of energy source in Korea, I came to EEWS Department in KAIST. I plan to bring my chemistry knowledge into gas capture, storage, and conversion. I am currently synthesizing COFs for CO2 capturing and storage in happy and family-like environment. If you have a passion for synthetic research in energy field, you will be a perfect member for our MONA lab!

Selected Publications